Our mission here at Far West Tea Club is simple:
We want to make it easy for you to discover and brew the world's best tea and create more magical tea time in your life.

Our team searches high and low for the best teas on the planet and deliver them to your door. We are a company dedicated to enriching people’s lives through the love of tea and the alchemy of tea time.

Tea is the world’s most consumed drink, behind water, for a reason. The beauty and complexity of artisan tea rivals the great wines of history. Join us and become tea time loving fools, just like us!

We support Organic and Biodynamic tea farming and have found these smaller batches of teas produce far greater flavor and vitality (chi) than commodity tea. We only procure teas that stand out with a distinctive and memorable character because that is what we drink ourselves.

We know the difference between merely-good tea and truly-special tea so that your only job is to subscribe and enjoy.

Tea Man Meets Farm Box Girl

James Allen and Reisha Delug have brought together their expertise and passion and created a unique online tea subscription box service that invigorates the body, mind and soul.

James, the Tea Man, fell in love with tea in 2003 while working and apprenticing at one of the most respected teahouses in the U.S.. He has been procuring, packing, shipping, teaching, and brewing tea for literally thousands of happy customers ever since.

Reisha, the FarmBox girl, is excited to share her love of tea with the world! After selling her company, FarmBox and learning about tea with James, she found it an easy transition to co-found Far West Tea Club.

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